A Hobos Journey of Unexplained Consequences

Amazingly on one of my trips to the beach, I found these shoes just lying next to the slipway,DSCF1592
in my imagination a story unfolded, quite macabre in fact, as just steps away from the shoes lay a raised manhole cover,DSCF1595its lid looked recently moved.

The shoes were still there the next day….


What do you think happened?

Dog Journey

Dog Journey

I took a video of my morning dog walk, camera around my neck and held in position to follow my Staffie. it is part,- she is a big part of my lifes journey and daily routine, so fell into the category of the project ‘Journey’ quite naturally and ‘natural’ is a theme that runs through my work, I do not like to ‘orchestrate events’ capturing the amazing and natural phenomena of life is far more exciting and interesting to me, because it is ‘real’ and I am real.
I will try and add the video later when I discover how, for now I have added a photo of the same trip.

The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road

Pastel on 3 sheets of A2 Paper
I believe there is strength in knowledge, it opens new doors and pathways, I try to cherry-pick my way through life in a bid to discover all that I am, the biggest and most important journey we will ever embark upon is to finding out who we are, in my opinion, and it is as infinite as our will, self determination and imagination, you need good strong walking boots if you are to succeed!

Lifes Journey

The Journey is Me

Mixed Media: Acrylic, Pastel and Marker on 4x2foot mdf
A pictorial map of memories and inspiration showing my journey from birth to date and how living by the sea is the centre of my existence. We are 70% water and I feel more alive and fluid in movement by moving back to the sea, I try to reflect this in my painting

The ‘Journey’ is complete!!… for now ;D

Well that’s it, our first project, done and dusted, handed in, nothing more can be added, forced rest, woohoo!!

Working right up until the last seconds the project ‘Journey’ ended with Fridays 4pm deadline, if the deadline was today I would have no doubt still been adding to it, is art ever really finished?….thank god for deadlines I say.

I have produced several pieces which I will put up on here, there simply has been ‘no time’ to ‘blog it’ whilst ‘painting it’ but I will try and account for my missing months in the depths of my project ‘Journey’ whilst on ‘Reading Week’

It has been a roller coaster of research, recollections and reliving past events as I have tried to portray my life, my journey pictorially both literally and conceptually and hopefully giving you a slice of ‘Me’ and how my mind ticks. I cannot separate all of who I am from my work, just as I discovered when researching Performance Artist,- Marina Abramovic, whatever you label your work, ‘you’ are ‘in it’ because it came from you and I personally feel we tap into many different levels whilst submerged in our art, meaning, mentally, physically, emotionally(lots of that!) and Spiritually, I believe Art can take you to a higher state of ‘being’ just as music and other interests can, our brain waves change, it is  science.

Many Artists have inspired me through my projects progression from Abramovic who was part of our project study list as was Richard Long and Grayson Perry and each has coloured me and my work but also Freiderich Hundertwasser, Vierra da Silva, Joe Tilson, Mark Dion, Jon Burgerman, Banksy and Basquiate and so many others, I love discovering new artists, I am a chameleon of colour and they all help keep my colours growing and my palette full as I strive to create my own style, it is emerging, my cherry picking helps my own area of interests awaken, so by the end of this 2 year course my brush strokes will be more definite in application perhaps but always ready for new direction.

I have tried to show some of where this journey has stretched my imagination too, just a tiny slice of all the places my mind has taken me, it would be quite impossible to portray all that I see.- I wish the lens of my eye had a click button that I could photo produce it, but for now all I can show you is the art I have produced after many hours of reflection, pacing, researching, backtracking, tangent chasing, new influences, ripping up, starting again and so much more in between that I wont mention in totality!

I got there, the title changed several times but during the process of this project, this journey,

My portrayal of my mind and its stretching to different states and levels

My portrayal of my mind and its stretching to different states and levels-mixedmedia:acrylic,pastel,elastic,pins. 4ftx3ft

it seemed a perfectly natural progression to say ‘The Journey is Me’