Teesside University B.A Fine Arts

October 2015 I started my final year with a new venue Teesside University, it took a while to readjust after studying my 2 year HNC/HND at Bishop Auckland College, but eventually I feel I am getting into the swing of things after recently finishing my 5000+ word Reflective Study entitled ‘The Embodiment of Spirit in Art and the Subject of Loss’. Although I struggled with the academic writing initially and throughout, in retrospect I see how it really reiterates everything I am as an artist and has proved most helpful in rediscovering my artistic direction, but first I will document the process of my art progress from October which started as preparation for my first art presentation.

In my final year at Bishop Auckland I had begun to ‘capture moments’ in photographs, mapping journeys and picking out interesting shots of the Teesside skyline which was predominantly the subject of the Steel Works. I love the contrasting shape, pattern and form of these industrial structures against the naturalistic setting of sky, trees, sea and sand, my initial photographs were of a working industry but when SSI sadly closed I felt i wanted to pay tribute….

The journey begins….again…

Planning Final Piece May 2015 This is where I finished off in my final year of HND at Bishop Auckland, mapping the journey from my new home in Redcar to my husbands work in Riverside Park Middlesbrough, I was intrigued and awed with the structures jutting out of the landscape and the repetitive line, from metal fences to pylons, bridges and ships, creating such depth and pattern in contrast with their setting of grey skies, water and green foliage, these images inspired me to want to create something of pattern or abstract and I intend to refer back to them for future projects and as a timely reminder of where my true interest lies, should I go, as I quite often do in my art – ‘Off on a tangent’ however perhaps it explains my abstracted and multifaceted depth of imagination as i create process after process in my mind and forgetting to record it visually…here goes…

DSCF4566DSCF4567DSCF4571DSCF4573DSCF4578DSCF4580DSCF4583DSCF4585DSCF4586DSCF4587DSCF4590DSCF4592DSCF4594DSCF4597DSCF4598DSCF4599DSCF4600DSCF4589DSCF4590DSCF4596DSCF4601DSCF4603DSCF4607 - Version 2DSCF4608DSCF4609DSCF4613DSCF4614DSCF4615DSCF4620DSCF4621DSCF4567 - Version 2

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