WEEK SEVEN- summarising

palmanova 2013 063From Sunsets i have capturedobservation flowers 003to art i have felt inspired to createshoeonwood001Objects, places and where i live!mobile pix june 2013 009Observation Photos of my work and Avatar 021Colours i love…

My portrayal of my mind and its stretching to different states and levels

My portrayal of my mind and its stretching to different states and levels

DSCF2055mapping my mind and reflecting my life, loves and influential events…DSCF1669The pattern of industry enthralls me and it turns up in my artwork everywhere, like in another love’ shoes!!……not quite sharp enough to take further and creating abstract  type designs

It is what we ‘see’, and that which adds itself to our personal library of  ‘cherrypicked’ moments, that creates the unique artists we become.DSCF4315It is not always totally explainable, why we are drawn to this or that..DSCF4430and melding all of my interestsDSCF4434from colours, DSCF4432DSCF4440media, mediums, from wax to ink, plywood to paper…DSCF4446DSCF4436spray paint and templates to resins, acrylics, gold leaf..

DSCF4317and artists like Klimt, Offili, Hundertwasser, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Emin,Bourgeouis, Bacon, Vierra da Silva, Aubrey Beardsley and so many more, i like aspects of them all.

Newly discovered and not yet famous artists discovered in local Art Galleries like Angela Chalmers, whose work on Melinex, a transclusent plastic type material that she created beautiful flowing ink portrayals of women, letting the light filter through from behind the flexible melinex material, whom i previously studied but try as i might could not acquire the material- ‘melinex’,.

So in this project my intention is to make myself more ‘transparent’ and reflect my layers, revisiting past, adding the present but also contemplating the direction i would like to pursue as i embark on my final year at Teesside.I want to start the next leg of my journey in the mindset of knowing i crossed all the t’s and dotted the ‘i’s, by revisiting and completing as much as possible of the experimental art i never managed to complete due to time and my expansive imagination and interests.

So all of what i have done in Week one to week six, my written diary of events, my ink drawn diary of influences and interests over same period, artists i have studied and revisited, my experiments involving colleagues and public in the doodle/drawing challenge will be weaving its way onto my 5ft by 3ft6 canvas, piece by piece and intuition along with my acquired art experience will hopefully help as i compose this mixed media, all encompassing true reflection and expression of the cherry picking, reverse chameleon, philosophical, intuitive, fuelled by inspiration, imaginative, non ‘artcast’, unlabelled- although perhaps slightly bohemien and eccentric?? and most definetely “Complicated’..

Im just me… trying to break free…

“The journey is as infinite as the will is strong  and the mind is open”

Shelly 😉